Sunday, 1 May 2016

Get your kit off...

Yes, it's time to get your kit off those shelves it's been sitting these long months now, check your pole and other tackle, and make sure it ready for action at this forthcoming BlokeFest as it is only just over one month away.

Now is the perfect time to ensure that your camping gear is still up to muster for the annual gathering of BlokeSong that is the Fifth Glorious Year of BlokeFest.

And for those local lads, what better tip than to suggest you nip down to Cotswold Outdoor at the end of the Spine Road nearby to Ashton Keynes, the finest purveyors of all necessary accouterments (and many totally unnecessary but none the less desirable) for the highlight of the summer which is the annual jamboree organized by our kindred spirits.   Some fantastic bargains to be had that will help save your valuable cash so you have more to spend on other things, like getting a round at the aforementioned festival.

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