Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How do you get men singing? Aaargh, that be easy!

A simple question, "How do you get men singing?"

It's trickier to answer...  But one of the ways we have very successfully found in The Magnificent AK47 is to unleash their inner minstrel, inner comedy pirate, inner poster designer and inner video maker, all through the medium of BlokeSong. 

And then do all this in public, ideally with other men!

Much as we are with the rather excellent The Roaring Trowmen, they of flat-bottomed working boats from Bristol way and good friends of us and that there BlokeFest where we spent many an hour last June singing the nights away and we hope to repeat at this year's event.

But before that you can see us all in a fantastic double bill at Bristol's rather lovely Folk House.  Tickets available from Skiddle


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