Saturday, 14 May 2016

Sound of Magnificent salty sea dogs

And me lads be of good cheer for our next gig will soon draw near... and to celebrate the lads being in action tonight in that there Brizzle at the rather lovely Folk House, here is the sound of them launching into "Whip Jamboree" accompanied by the sights of nauticleness as crafted together by our very own MovieMeister.

The gig is with the rather wonderful and fun bunch of blokes that are The Roaring Trowmen, top quality shanty crew (although they do other stuff too.

The show will culminate in a unique collaboration between them, from the great sea-faring port of Bristol, and us, a bunch of blokes from darkest land-locked North, North Wiltshire - a culture clash of titanic proportions (if you will forgive the sailing ship pun).

Tickets available from Skiddle

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