Friday, 24 August 2018

Brilliant Folk East - one week on

One week on and we are still struggling to return to our humdrum 21st Century lives after such a FAB-U-LUS weekend at Folk East 2018.

Favourite moments??  So, so many, but here is a selection in picture form and let us indulge in a little list:

  1. Being able to get in and out of the site so easily
  2. All the decorations around the site 
  3. The lights in the woods
  4. Serenading Poppy in the archway in the woods 
  5. The Young'uns & Show of Hands
  6. Really decent Beer at £3 a pint!
  7. The Sutton Hoo replica longboat
  8. Singing on the MAIN stage!
  9. Singing round the site
  10. The Sing Like a Bloke Workshop with "Invading Vikings"
  11. The Thank You serenading of principal organiser Becky who invited us in the first place
  12. The fantastic vibe from everyone
Any more?  Maybe later...

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