Saturday, 11 August 2018

"Go Wes", sorry... "Go East!"

Only Five more sleeps to go for some of us before we descend en masse in our be-blacked presence to what has been described as "One of the best world music, roots and folk festivals in the UK" in the far flung fields of Suffolk as we head very much in an easterly direction to Folk East.

As you can see we will be operating in some very hallowed company with some of the top flight acts on the UK (and world) folk scene so we are highly honoured to have some how wangled an invite.

Maybe it is something to do with the late night singing that certain members of our esteemed entourage partook with members of The Young'uns, who are patrons of the event, late night at the wonderful (while it lasted) Convent, maybe it is something to do with us being an unusual take on mvc, maybe it is something to do with our capacity to draw an audience by press ganging them at the bar, only time will tell.

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