Thursday, 16 August 2018

600 up!

If you will indulge us briefly, we would like to take a moment to wallow in a little bit of nostalgia and reflect on how amazed we are that something that started out as a small piece of the InterWebSphere has grown into a monster archive of all things Magnificent!  

So, let us celebrate....

When flicking back through (the first) 600 posts it is hard to take in all the amazing mini Man-moments that we have had over our (first) 10 years of Magnificentness.  Who would have thought that a workshop at the 2008 Ashton Keynes Music Festival on a June Saturday would have resulted in so many, many hours of fun and camaraderie for so many blokes for so many years, and so many of those moments captured to share across the Internetsphere.

So, without further ado, here are some of our highlights, in no particular order or rhyme or reason other than they represent a small smattering of, er, representative moments we have had through the years.  

Starting with a random collection, in clockwise order from the top left, our first "Where were you when" post, our Belov├ęd ChoirMeister in the Grauniad musing about how hard it is to #getmensinging if they are not in The Magnificent AK47, one of our best April 1st Spoofs - The Magnificent AKtion Man, our first Wold Tour, our 2nd Hammerman Tour, our biggest gig so far at Colston Hall, recording our first "proper" recording, The Roundhouse Double-Date, and our first team photo in our first T-shirts.

Which can be found (in no discernible order) at 

Next up we have our some other landmarks on the Blog, 200 posts, 301, celebrating 100 posts in 2015 and the brilliant year that was 2017

Closely followed by a great feature that seems to have lapsed somewhat after being very prevalent on blog in earlier years, "Where were you when" - we might have to revive this...

Now we come to our recordings.  Did you know we have THREE CDs worth of material?  Possibly an increasingly outdated unit of measure, but nonetheless a good yard stick for a group of our nature to say we've been around a bit and know a few songs and captured them for generations to come, as long as they have CD players... Brilliant artwork...

See and 

And finally, our TOURs, a few days together, long enough to get to know each other  that little bit better, short enough to not be too long that we get sick of the site of each other and SUCH BRILLIANT FUN.

Who can forget our First Mini-Tour in Cornwall where the biggest complaint was that we were having too much fun/food and too good a time (!), our visit to #MagnificentDerry where we were so welcomed and had such a grand craic that we were awarded the "Audience Award", a title specially invented for us, and our second Tour to Cornwall where we dueted with Gulls and sung our own version of "Nothing like a dame" back to back completely unbeknownst to the other group, or our time in #MagnificentCork where we captured their hearts as the spirit of the Festival and won yet another award????


A final thought, thank to CeeJay for setting it up in the first place and to the Magnificent Mysterious BlogMeister for maintaining this with such ludicrous dedication.

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