Thursday, 27 September 2018

Joining us for Men United are... The Gasmen Collective

Formed from a bunch of guys involved with Bristol's highly influential Gasworks Choir, the Gasmen Collective have only been in existence for just around a year now but have already built up a strong reputation for the quality of their singing and depth of their repertoire.

But how did they come about.....?

One evening in 2017, Jess Broderick, top graduate from Sir Paul McCartney’s ‘Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts’ LIPA, co-founder and director of Bristol Show Choir and Gasworks Choir and all round musical star, was getting a lift home after a practice with a couple of Gasworks Choir singers.  The guys popped a question that had been kicking around for a while, would Jess take on the job of Musical Director for a new, larger version of a Bristol men’s group that had been singing for some years but had recently called it a day: The Gasmen?  Stunned briefly, Jess chewed it over for a day or two then, happily for all concerned, said: ‘Yes!’ 

Talks about talks were convened. Songs performed in living rooms. Ideas explored. And after a recruitment drive, the newly enlarged Gasmen Collective finally came together at the start of 2018. Its mission: to have fun performing an eclectic acappella mix at gigs of all shapes and sizes. Jess sources as well as arranges material – and somehow manages to keep this very chatty bunch of middle-aged men in order… 

And we are delighted to have them on board for our Men United event this coming Saturday 6th October in St George's Hall - tickets still available for both the Workshop and the Gala Concert but starting to disappear from

Hear more about what is shaping up to be an awesome event of singing in lower registers in this helpful video.

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