Sunday, 30 September 2018

Joining us for Men United are... The Raff Pack

The Raff Pack formed in 2016 as the blokey spin-off to Riff Raff, a Bristol-based pop and rock community choir. They sing in venues all over the city, and are easily spotted by their bright orange, red and pink shirts and miscellaneous hats. They mostly sing pop and rock music a capella, though have been known to do sea shanties and the occasional jazz crooner.

They are lead by Doug V. Watt, a conductor, singer and arranger from Bristol.  He is Co-Founder of the Bristol Show Choir, Musical Director for the Posset Singers of Portishead, Conductor for Blackbird Early Years Music Choir, and runs Penny Brohn Community Choir.  As well as conducting, he can be seen as one of the Roaring Trowmen, a Bristol-based Sea Shanty group, and as a Tenor in barbershop quartet ‘Frumenti’.

Doug was also made a great impression at his debut appearance at BlokeFest 2018 where he lead one of the workshops and walked away as the very deserved winner of the "Tonsorial Titan Challenge" (o.k.a the Best Beard competition).

In case you haven't alreadly, hear more about what is shaping up to be an awesome event of singing in lower registers in this helpful video.

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