Thursday, 13 September 2018

Phenomenal fund raising success

Some might view it as a bit of a dodgy looking exchange of an envelope containing a large amount of cash, but it is all "legit", as a beaming Andy E hands over the monies raised at the Whisky/Whiskey Appreciation evening that he organised a couple of weeks back.

Receiving the donation on behalf of Swindon Prostate Cancer Support Group is our very own Geoff S, who has had a "brush" with the illness and is now quite active in this local group to help other sufferers.

Amazing £500 was raised in the one night from the donations of the evening's attendees, through fees and fines as Judge John G presided over the assembly and passed his "summary high justice" to extract monies for "heinous crimes" too numerous, humerous or libelous to recollect in public.

A tremendous effort in aid of a good cause that we will be continuing to support with our Big Gig and joint venture with Prostate Cancer UK at our Men United event in St George's Hall, Bristol.  Hear all about it from Chris Samuel, our belov├ęd ChoirMeister in our promo video.

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