Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Bloke's best friend is his . . .

These just in (again**):  Recently(ish) received from two of our correspondents, a very useful "Decision Tree" to help one deal with those tricky problems that every bloke faces from time to time to answer the eternal question, "should I bang it, or should I stop it from banging"?  Ponder no longer, the answer is to the left on your screen.  

This is a very handy rule of thumb for dealing with most problems you are likely to encounter that don't involve more complex things, like emotions.  Write this out in your own fair hand and pin it to somewhere prominent and marvel at the attention and admiration you will receive.

And if this wasn't enough, recently spotted in a garage shop not a million miles away from Ashton Keynes, well, as far away as Royal Wootton Bassett  is a very convenient location to purchase Duct Tape at all hours of the day and night.  

At the bottom of this display you can see highlighted in the yellow elipsis not one but TWO lines of Duct Tape vending.  

Clearly a popular seller!

* this post was inadvertently posted sooner than intended so we hoiked it off again to re-post now and then it seemed to want to hog the top slot so hence a 2nd re-post.  ;-)

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