Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sing for Your Life

Another truly inspiring example of how singing together can be phenomenal therapy.  This time we are not talking about a motley bunch of blokes who can kind of sing when they can they vaguely remember the words, but a group of 30 people suffering from a variety of cancers who came together to form a choir called "The Big C" to perform at The Royal Albert Hall and to research whether singing could help with treatment of cancer.  As the commentary says, first results were encouraging, lung capacity and mental alertness were all improved, and the experience proves so positive that the group plans to continue.

Most of the group have never sung in public and to be fair you can hear it in places, but the emotion invoked is amazing.  It meant so much to them individually and as a group.  As one of the guys with overwhelming cancers says "You begin to realize what's important and not important" and "you've just got to grab every day, this is a one off thing, live the dream today".  How true.

See the program at Channel 4 On Demand at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/sing-for-your-life/4od.

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