Sunday, 7 October 2012

Kait & Keith's Wedding

What can we say about today?  Other than tell you that it was a great honour to perform this afternoon at our very first Magnificent Ak47 wedding for the beautiful, lark tongued Kait, and, er, Keith.

It took place in a classic English wedding marquee on a field next to a pub in the lovely Vale of Pewsey and involved us lot turning up in our best togs to bang out a few tunes and do our level utmost to entertain the throng.  And that we did in spades, or was it hoes?  Or even in some cases, of the hard of hearing or understanding or those raised on classic Two Ronnies sketches, hose!

Either way, it was a pleasure to perform even though several of the lads were suffering from sticky sore throats we made a hearty, and at times, heart warming sound to serenade the happy couple.  If you would like to re-live the moment in a Digital Age stylee, then pop over to on of our SoundCloud sites.

And good luck to them both.

Match Report
The following blokes 

Chris S lead Chris A, Peter B, Bob B, Neil B, Nick B, Geoff C, Brian D, Mark F, Lars F, Mike G, Stuart H, Martin H, Keith L, John  M, Darren S, David T, Mark T and Ade W

sang the following songs

Mraval jamier
Turnip Hoer's  1st time in public with the Big Turnip
Duct Tape
Dry Stone Waller's 1st time in public by us as us
Delilah 1st time in public by us as us
And I love her


  1. Pleasure to be on the same bill, congrats for the lively rendition of The Vly and introducing that great arrangement of Delilah! (... why, why, why Devizes? as we sing in these parts!) - cheers now Pewsey MVC

  2. Likewise. A great wedding with a difference, or two! I hope we bump into your choir again at some point.