Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Don't put your daughter on the Stage, Mr Samuel

Yuletide being a time when one traditionally gets together with your family we have a particularly appropriate, if somewhat quirky posting celebrating this notion.

Many of our readers will be familiar with Jessica Samuel, daughter of our esteemed ChoirMeister, Mr Samuel, from the workshops she has run in Swindon and other places over the last year or two.  She graduated in 2011 with a BA (HONS) in Performing Arts from the prestigious  Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and since then has been in constant work, much to the great pleasure (and relief!) of her proud dad.  

Now she is about to go on tour in Germany with an extraordinary production that is an act that is somewhere near a cross between Naked Voices and the Blue Man Group, except the are yellow (!)  called the Voci Family.  They have made a showcase video to give you a flavour of what they are about and it is well worth a quick look to marvel at the range of material they sing.  Jess can be seen at many points throughout the video, starting with appearing at 0:29, top centre and then at 0:43 and 0:50 on the left.  See if you can spot her further along.

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