Saturday, 8 December 2012

Where were you when? In search of the elusive

This moment was recently captured when one of our correspondents was out and roving about  in the depths of soggy Somerset, close to the borders with Exmoor.    Apparently he was spotted searching and searching for the very spot but still couldn't find it ...

A conundrum that blokes all over the world will be all too familiar with and identify wholeheartedly.  Now, if only he stopped flapping around, asked directions, and taken the hint from the signs all around him . . .  

Anyway, the scores are in
1. The Location - 4.5 (Good visible signage, we certainly can't fault him for that).

2. The Pose - 4.0 (Suitably pointless grandeur, although the objective of his quest is very laudable).

3. The X-Factor - 4.0 - (Given the universality of the male of the species struggling with finding these sorts of places and the use of "Carry On" innuendo).

Making that a total of 12.5 - by far the highest scoring entry from anyone with a turning a nondescript part of Somerset into a part of The Magnificent folklore.  More please.

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