Sunday, 16 December 2012

The morning after the night before of Shed Heaven

This photo was taken showing the spot where one night before our valiant fellows had been serenading the locals and the many hardy folk who had made the trek from out of town to the Cirencester Christmas festivities in the Market Place.  

In fact, we apparently had a group of ladies who had traveled all the way from Crudwell just to see us!  (Well,  they might have already been coming in for the birthday treat for one of them but once they knew we were performing they made an effort to come and see us specially, so that counts like fan-dome in our books!).   

Anyway, we made the night of the Birthday Girl by summoning her forth to stand amongst us and be serenaded to the tune of Delilah.  And she did genuinely enjoy the moment, as did the few remaining loiterers who happened to be passing through the somewhat chilly Market Place.  Much to our pleasure once we had started performing there was quite a reasonable crowd gathered and actually  stayed for most of the set, despite it being one of the coldest nights of the winter so far.

Once we had finished bang on 6 o'clock we repaired round the corner to The Crown and one pint in we politely asked if we could sing them a song and they equally politely agreed so we banged out another storming version of "Delilah" much to the amazement of those assembled in the pub as this sort of thing doesn't happen these days unless we are around.

Thence back to AK and The White Hart for our supper with everyone gathered in the back room for sausage and chips or veg lasagne and garlic bread.  It was great to see everyone gathered together and we spent a few merry moments including announcing the results of the 2012 T-Shirt competition (a post to come) amid fevered excitement and not inconsiderable jealousy when they saw the prizes.

We rounded the night off with some sterling lowering of the tone with our singing along to various carols under the guidance of Brian D's very lovely wife, the Rev Shirley.  Another great evening, "very Ashton Keynes".

One of our party happened to bump into the lady who was organizing the Cirencester Market Place event and she was very enthusiastic about our performance and only wished we had been able to make it along earlier to sing some more!  Next year maybe. . . 

Match Report
Chris S lead The following blokes 

Chris A, Peter B, Neil B, Nick B, Geoff C, Brian D, Mark F, Lars F, John G, Mike G, Stuart H, , Trevor H, Alan H, Jon H, John  M, Darren S, David T, Mark T, Angus V, Ade W

Who sang the following songs rather well given the cold!

Alone in my shedTurnip Hoer'sMravaljamierDry Stone Waller's

Hail Smiling Morn

and a few more carols besides in the pub where they were joined by Nigel H and Steve K.


  1. We have one rendition of a Welsh song, in Delilah. Maybe we could now sing another, in "Shed of Heaven" ?

  2. What about "Stairway to Heaven"? In Welsh.