Wednesday, 12 December 2012

One more sleep till Christmas . . .

. . . well, perhaps not quite, but if you are a member of the valiant troupe who will be mustering in the cold of a December night to sing your little hearts out, it's not far off!

Even if it's not quite a case of all our Christmases coming early, it won't be far off as we daringly undertake another Magnificent Double-Header of 2 performances in the one evening, and maybe even fitting in a 3rd!  

We are due to be performing at the Cirencester Christmas Market event, somewhere in the Market Place in, you've guessed it, Cirencester.  We are aiming to be singing some time around 5:30pm some where around the main Church to entertain all the people selling things from all the fancy sheds they currently have there.

After that we will be high tailing it to our spiritual home of The White Hart for a social supper before launching into the now annual (well 2nd year running, so Q.E.D.) songfest that is the "Beer and Carols" evening in conjunction with the Village Church plus other august singing bodies of the locality, a.k.a. The Ashton Keynes Village Choir and The Siren Sisters.  It should be another great evening, "very Ashton Keynes".

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