Friday, 17 May 2013

Hope CiderFest 2013

Considering we had a pretty quiet March and only got in a couple of rehearsals in April, it has suddenly gone a bit bonkers in May and into June before calming down in July and August.

It might not be any coincidence that the days are getting longer and the blossom is finally starting to burst out but suddenly there are gigs everywhere.

Dare we say it, that even after the ravages of the Wold Tour (several of our delicate flowers picked up colds whilst yomping up windy hillsides) have not dimmed our enthusiasm?  Quite the contrary in fact!

Everyone is raring to go for the Stroud Brewery gig, a place where we have performed under the guise of BlokeFest, but have yet to grace the Friday evening "Pick your beer up and stay for a pizza and some more beer" session.  However, we need to save our energies because we are due to be pressed into action again at the Hope CiderFest 2013.

Rarely ones to pass up an opportunity to sing for a worthy cause, especially when they have kindly offered us a pint of Cider and burger by way of recompense, we will be attempting to find Woodchester Mansion, somewhere not too far from Stonehouse, but actually nearer Nympsfield.

Hopefully we won't get too lost getting there in time to perform at about 16:00 or so and there will be a decent crowd to help raise lots of funds for two very good causes.

Only remains to say, we hope to see some of our readers at one of these events, or the others that are coming up very soon.  More soon(ish).

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