Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Where were you when? On The Magnificent Wold Tour

Well, what can we say that hasn't already been muttered during the course of the day and a half that was our very first "Wold Tour"?  An exceptional time was had by all.

Hardly a moment passed during those hours when we weren't either singing, eating, supping ale, singing, walking, posing for daft photos, admiring stupendous view and generally having a brilliant time.

All the fun was organized by a very dedicated team who selflessly checked out every pub and tested every pie that was later consumed by a very grateful gang who boarded the Ellison's bus coach early on Saturday morning.

The first port of call on the trip was the White Horse at Westbury and breath taking view from a breath taking gusty hillside where we knocked out a lusty, wind-swept version of "Concrete" as we gazed over the, er, concrete works below.  After that we were in need of refreshments and took a quick pie and beer stop courtesy of Paul's Pies and The White Horse Brewery's "Village Idiot" (not sure why they thought we might like that particular brew . . . ).

Following that we ventured a few more miles to the town of Devizes and Wadworth's Brewery for a tour around the premises then some beer sampling which was accompanied by entertaining the ladies serving in the bar and the startled visitors to a song or two.  We then continued the tour to visit the impressive sign workshop and we even serenaded one of their Shire Horses with a heartfelt version of "And I love her" - shame it turned out that the horse was actually a bloke!

Undaunted by this we nipped next door to the Brewery for a very hearty meal in The Crown which we would heartily recommend for the quality of the lunch and the speed with which it was brought out for us.

Next we visited the White Horse at Devizes, then on to the White Horse at Cherhill then a quick stop at, er, The White Horse at Compton Bassett to re-create the ancient art of Tug-o-War, thence to, you've guessed it, the Hack Pen White Horse and finally to the final White Horse pub at Winterbourne Bassett for a serenading of unsuspecting ladies and a spot of supper in the midst of a torrential hail storm before heading home to The White Hart (!) and an early bed. 

Anyway, the scores are in

1. The Locations - 4.5 (Great locations, we learnt so much about our county and all the strange go-ings on that prompted people to build daft things on hillsides - unfortunately no visible signs in the photo so we have to be docked the 0.5 points on that technicality).

2. The Pose - 4.5 (Looking exceedingly wind swept as it was a bit nippy up there, the pointless grandeur is personified by the fact that we were all trying to spot the plane supposedly coming to take some aerial photos of us but it could not be seen at that point).

3. The X-Factor -  5.0 (If only for the sheer weight of numbers acting as a multiplier effect).

Making that a total of 14.0 - The highest score ever for 18 blokes having a lovely time in spite of the wind factor.

More please, even if only one bloke at a time.

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