Friday, 31 May 2013

The merry month of May

No one could have quite predicted how brilliant this last month has been for our merry troupe of troubadours, but it has turned out to be pretty much everything we had hoped for when all the planning began many months ago on those dark winter night when "pub talk" becomes at its most fanciful, especially a couple of pints into an evening.

Unless you are completely new to this vessel of BlokeDom you will have no doubt been following our ever increasingly ambitious adventures with every increasing incredulity that a bunch of blokes from North, North Wiltshire could dare to attempt such follies.

True though that be, this is no ordinary bunch of blokes, it is now a cracking singing team (or is that "creaking" in some cases?) that can leap off a 52 seater bus coach and melt the hearts of ladies within earshot at a drop of their many hats.

Tis also true that they sing to horses, both the Shire and White varieties, and do a damn fine job of it in the process.  There are quite a few videos and photos that have yet to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public that will emerge over coming weeks showing great displays of bravado, especially when singing "And I Love Her" to a huge Wadworth's Shire horse

Everywhere we have been this past month we have spread our love for BlokeSong and the way we do it down in the depths of our manly tones.  We have sung on many hill tops overlooking White Horses and wonderful views, we have sung in pubs and melted ladies into puddles of bass-soaked emotions, we have dressed up as Pirates and sung Sea Shanties with some of the best on land or sea.

Reading between these lines you might think that we have had quite a time of it this last month, and you'd be right!

So, here's to the next month's worth of adventures, Headline gig in Bristol, our very own festival BlokeFest, gig at the Roundhouse in London, Latvian Ladies gracing us - another great month ahead, but what a very merry month of May we have had this year.

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