Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wold Tour Alert!

We are VERY excited to tell you all about be going on our very own "Wold Tour" in a few days time.  A major landmark for the group and all concerned (ie significant others who will wonder were we have been all day).

This stupendous undertaking has been a work in progress by a crack unit of blokes known as a C.A.M.E.L. (Committee Acting Mostly at Executive Level) for over a year now since we first floated the idea and ran it up the flagpole to see if it had any legs on it.  Much selfless research into the various pubs and locations has been undertaken by all involved and our gratitude is deep, heck, we might even buy them a pint by way of thanks.

The basic plan is to get on an Ellison's Coach (not a bus, in case you are aware of that particular in-joke), go to Wadworth's Brewery in Devizes then create a unique series of sonic experiences as we serenade several of Wiltshire's iconic White Horse chalk hill figures and visit hostelries of the same name.  Timings and other details are (barely) visible on the screen grab of the very magnificent poster that has been created by Brother Bill H (much gratitude and beer tokens owed).

So, what else is involved?
  • some singing
  • a complementary pie (steak and ale pie or homity pie) 
  • a complementary pint (from either the White Horse Brewery or Stroud Brewery)
  • a tour and 'taste of beer' at Wadworths' Brewery
  • a lunchtime meal (see here to view menu)
  • some more singing
  • an evening meal (meat or veg chilli)
  • a souvenir poster
  • Tug-o-War in an attempt to re-enact an historic Wiltshire event (more later)
  • late night singing in The White Hart
In other words, a pretty full on day.  Hopefully a very memorable one, provided the lads don't over do things.

The pubs have been warned but are apparently still very excited that we are coming and we are sure to get a warm reception.

We will tell you more about what is planned for Sunday in the next exciting episode - so until then.

P.S.  If you are a lapsed member of the group, or thinking about joining and you would like to come along, we have a few places still available on the bus, sorry, coach, so please email us at to let us know and we can come to some arrangement.

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