Wednesday, 12 November 2014

301 Up!

Almost unnoticed, we have now had over 300 blog posts, a small triumph of enthusiasm over sanity, but worth celebrating none the less.

But how to commemorate such a feat?  Why not stick all the titles of the last 100 blog posts into a Wordle and see what comes out? was the answer.  How "very modern" you might think, and you would be right, for that is what we are, behind all that bemused fustiness.

And amazingly enough the word that most sticks out?  Not once, but twice?  Well read for yourself.  See what else you can spot.

So, to re-cap, in the last 100 blog posts we have:
  • Recorded a proper(ish) CD, "A Taste of The Magnificent AK47"
  • Sold out the Sundial Theatre 
  • Had a proper Georgian singing workshops from real Georgian 
  • Sung at a mini-Beer festival to great acclaim
  • Had the Spooky Mens' Chorale visit and gig with us and then be on Radio 2
  • Performed in front of 1,500 people and gone down a storm
  • Had our first international gig
  • Sung on replica of "The Matthew" sailing ship
  • Had our Second Wold Tour and Third BlokeFest
  • Had our Sixth Birthday
And dozens of "hours of fun" in total for nearly 3 dozen blokes.  Quite a time of it indeed.

Have a flick through some back posts and re-live your most favourite "Magnificent Moment" and drop us a line to tell us what it is.

Here's to the next 100.

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