Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Magnificents + Strumpets + Convent = Great night out

Have we mentioned that we are performing our Big Gig of the Autumn at the stunning Cotswold venue of The Convent?  Ok, maybe once or twice, but we can only re-iterate that it is indeed a stunning venue with superb facilities and a beautiful performance area.

And not just that, we have a double-header with little old us taking on the might of South Waleian womanhood in the shape of the lovely ladies from "A Fanfare of Strumpets".

For full details of the gig to buy tickets so you can actually be there CLICK HERE, if you simply can't be there then you still have no excuses to miss out and can view the gig live or later via the internet if you CLICK HERE and sign up.

And we plan to have one or two drinks and songs in the bar afterwards as an added attraction to entice you along for a Big Night out.  Hope to see you there.

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