Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sold out Convent gig success

Well, it was a long and Magnificent Day Out, but we managed it with great aplomb, phenomenal organization and cat herding, lots of hard work and dedication practising pieces, plus fantastic facilities at the venue and topped off by being joined on stage by the  "Movember Girls" from "A Fanfare of Strumpets"!

And to top even that off, we managed to sell out the venue on a night when everyone we knew seemed to be elsewhere going to some other show so a testimony to to top draw pull that we are becoming living up to the claim to be "probably the best all-bloke, Georgian-inspired acapella group ever to escape North, North Wiltshire".

A very BIG THANK you to 
  • the foolhardy souls who undertook to organize the  Big Day out, especially Brothers Bill and Neil plus Doug for being the initial inspiration
  • the Blokes themselves for being so well behaved and co-operative and not spending all the extra free time they had quaffing pints despite severe temptation
  • the lovely ladies of "A Fanfare of Strumpets" for a crackling good set and a true inspiration to see what you can do with just 4 voices in such harmony
  • to Mr Samuel our belov├ęd ChoirMeister for putting up with us all day and smiling grimly as he tweezed the stray notes that prying ears might hear
  • to the staff of The Convent, which truly lived up to our pre-event billing of being the most amazing of settings and can live up to the claim of being "probably the most stunning venue in The Cotswolds with its own beautiful Convent chapel, Bar, hotel rooms, gardens and truckloads of kit"!
  • Everyone who indulged us in our "After" singing in the bar

And you should be able to re-live the show by signing up and paying an unfashionably reasonable fee by visiting

Another Magnificent day out!

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