Thursday, 6 November 2014

THE Convent gig, THE Poster

He's only gone and done it again...!  That digital magician known to his admirers as "Billsy", the inscrutably shy and reclusive genius who every now and then conjures some phenomenal  Magnificent artwork into reality, from the flimsiest of briefs.

"Can you knock us up a poster for the gig at The Convent with the ladies from A Fanfare of Strumpets", he was asked.  "I'm busy in the afternoon, but I'll see what I can do" he replies, then coughs up another fantastic piece of work in what seems about 20 minutes later.

One day we will have a Magnificent Montage of Man-Art.  Till then, everybody get your tickets for THE gig of the Autumn, which is starting to build quite a buzz around these parts.
In the meantime, details from  Don't delay getting your ticket.

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