Monday, 18 May 2015

Oh you Swindon girls, can you dance the .... ?

And now, back safe from our cross-border raid into the badlands of Glos and the very warm welcome we received from all at the wonderful Sub Stroud Rooms, we head South to the big city lights of yonder Swindon town, to join forces with the might Swindon Community Choir.

Many of The Magnificent AK47 have very close ties with Swindon CC over many years, and we are not just talking about one or two of our current and past members who are married to some of them!

And many of them have been staunch supporters of our own merry band and we are very much looking forward to joining them all at the very lovely Swindon Arts Centre this coming Friday 22nd - have a look at their website for more details but hurry!  Less than 10 tickets left!  

So, join us if you can and find out the answer to our question of whether Swindon girls can dance the ....

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