Sunday, 17 May 2015

Thank You Sub Rooms

Thank you to everyone who turned out in considerable numbers to support us and partake of a memorable evening at the very lovely Stroud Subscription Rooms.

Hopefully it was not too crowded for everyone as it was a pretty sizeable audience in that venerable old venue - what a history and important part of the town it is!

And thanks also to the ever marvelous and vocally inspiring The Croutons, always a delight to hear what you can do with three voices and a good deal of musical imagination.

Never ones to pass up the opportunity to purchase new hats, it was good to see a new crop of toppers wheeled out for a wonderfully received home town version of Unsung Hero No. 10, the homage to Edwin Beard Budding.

Knowledgeable audiences are on of our specialties,  but the Stroud crowd surpassed all others in their familiarity of the oeuvre of Mr Budding.

So, farewell Stroud and next up Swindon - let's hope they like the chorus of Ashton Keynes Land Shanty and we live to tell the tale.

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