Thursday, 14 May 2015

Unlock your inner minstrel with us at Stroud Sub Rooms

Far be it from us to suggest that this is an old photo with ancient copy and that we have moved on massively since this was all put together, but 'tis true.  

When this pic was snapped around 1/3 of our current crew were not on board and since then we have sung in caves, castles, coaches, clifftops, quaysides, inside Stonehenge, multiple times at The London Roundhouse at the Voices Now Festival and appeared TWICE on National Radio, including being a main feature on BBC Radio 3's The Choir program.  

We also have more songs that speak of the dilemmas facing thoroughly modern men and how we strive to release ourselves by #getmensinging.

Having said all that, 'tis also true, we have been praised by many as "surprisingly good" and hopefully you can see for yourself this coming Saturday as we unleash our Radio 3 approved set along with the infinitely more talented The Croutons this 16 May from 8.00pm at the very wonderful Subscription Rooms in The People's Republic of Stroud.  

Avoid disappointment and save yourself nearly enough money to buy us a pint from their website at

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