Friday, 20 November 2015

A week to go... Have we been photoshopped?

We are just about one week to go before we unleash a MONUMENTAL evening of song and serious silliness on a somewhat suspecting public with a double helping of Magnificents.

The blokes are busily honing their act, remembering songs we haven't sung for a good while and buffing up a whole host of new ones, the like of which no one has ever seen or heard from us before.  The show will be the culmination of months' of work since we gathered at BlokeFest way back in June this year and began the journey learning the newer pieces.

We have a bunch of aural and visual tricks up our sleeve to thrill and entertain as well a couple of new pieces that will tug at your sensitive side and one that might even scare everyone (a bit).  

And our splendid new compact disk "MONUMENTAL" will be officially unleashed, to much excitement within the group.  This is a marvelous musical artifact for the discerning aficionado of BlokeSong, and and has been a truly Monumental undertaking, having been the best part of two years in the making.  More later.

And the "photoshopping"?  Apparently the printers thought the above photo so ingenious and incredible that they thought it had been "photoshopped", ie faked!  We are here to right this wrongful assumption and affirm that there is nothing "fake" about The Magnificent AK47, it is all genuine "as you see us", as you can witness for yourself at our live shows.

Talking of which, a final nudge that tickets have been selling really well indeed to the point where if you don't get yours by the end of the weekend you are likely to not be able to get one so please avoid disappointment and visit

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