Thursday, 26 November 2015

We're on the telly!

Well, sort of...  We are featuring on a big screen that looks like a big TV to our technologically unsophisticated eyes, and we are indeed featured on it  with a picture and everything.

The said screen is displayed prominently in the Sundial Theatre where we will attempting to grace the stage this coming Friday 27th.

And this will go down in our annals as "The show that keeps selling out"... After selling out the initial allocation of over 200 seats the venue have released 30 more and most of those have now sold so we are looking for a particularly packed house.

Just as well then that we had a full dress rehearsal last night to get used to the location and how to assemble the "man line", which is harder to do than it might look, as we regularly proved last night! 

We also have some fabulous staging to add to the scene and we are certain people will be very impressed by our inventiveness and ingenuity - special thanks to Andy E as PropMeister and all his hard work. 

Those few remaining tickets available from - it's going to be MONUMENTAL.

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