Friday, 13 November 2015

Magnificent MONUMENTAL

At last, we can unveil our new Magnificent CD entitled "MONUMENTAL", and a monumental master piece it is.

The CD is the culmination of an epic couple of years for the group and is very much a double helping of Magnificence, being quite literally in two halves.  Difficult to do on a CD you modern young people might say, but no, it has been done with old fashioned guile and cunningness and no little studio trickery.

The album features tracks lovingly recorded in Mooncalf Studios in the summer of 2013 and our stand out show (among quite a few) of our career so far when we blew away a packed Bristol Colston Hall 1500 strong audience with our tales of the challenges faced by men in the 21st century and other ditties.

These have been blended together in one continuous stream of material, that without any false modesty, we can say is really rather good and a very worthwhile listen.  

All this has been wrapped up in a quite superb package with astonishing artwork from our resident ArtMeister, one Bill H, with shots from our visit to the Inner Circle at Stonehenge earlier this year.

More will be revealed in the run up to the launch event in a couple of weeks' time where copies will be on sale at the Sundial Theatre this coming Friday 27th November.  Tickets still available from

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