Thursday, 12 November 2015

If you go down to the woods today...

... you're sure of a big surprise!  

For one thing you might find a bunch of blokes in the company of a bunch of teddy bears, gazing longingly at their heroes (that's the teddy bears gawping at their singing heroes you understand).

As you can see from the sports equipment in the background the lads have turned their back on their spiritual home and regular rehearsal space in favour of a gym.  No, only kidding (as you probably guessed) but they have been doing copious warm up exercises and lots of limbering up for their next gig in a couple of weeks' time.  

They have also been learning quite a lot of new songs (at least 5 likely to make the revamped set) ahead of their Monumental Big Gig at Cirencester's Sundial Theatre on Friday 27th November.

Tickets still available at - but still going briskly so avoid disappointment and don't delay getting yours.

And the teddy bears??  All will become clear on the night - but you will have to be there to find out.

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