Thursday, 10 January 2013

Alone in my Shed Heaven on the Radio?
Imagine this correspondent's excitement when the drudgery of the journey home through thick, mirky fog was punctuated by news of a radio program about coping with life and doing it with Sheds!

A program about Sheds? On the radio? That'll be Shed Town.

In actual fact it was Steven Mangan speaking on the Simon Mayo Show at around 1 hour and 7 minutes and 56 seconds in, to be precise.  Steven describes it as being about "a group of people who leave their ordinary lives behind and go and live in sheds on a beach to escape", "they are all there for different reasons, but it's a sort of benign cult", "it's funny, and it's, er, slightly odd, and it's quite emotional, and it's really interesting". 

Sound familiar??  

They go on to discuss (at around 1:12:00) that "a shed is a very powerful image, people love their shed, it's a haven, it's a storage place and they'd be lost without it, particularly men", "it's the man cave idea", "it's something about our psyche, we need it", "all men lead lives of quiet desperation and it's about trying to escape that." - how very true.

A little more from the scraps of websites that exist about the program say "Shedtown is a dream born out of quiet desperation.  Sitcom about two middle-aged men who, after being made redundant, decide to live on a beach.  Series One has two friends finding themselves slipping inexorably into middle age and throughout Series Two our wooden icon of escape and isolation 'the shed' becomes a symbol of possibility and change; a new community by the sea where our heroes can circumnavigate the mundane, once and for all."

Sounds grand, don't miss it.  Point your iPods or BBC Radio digi iPlayers and the like, or, heavens above! your very own Wireless Radio device towards the venerable BBC2 on Thursday 10th January at 23:00 or the iPlayer thingy.  

If you would like to hear The Magnificent AK47 singing about these vital pieces of modern life, then click here.

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