Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Getting back to your froots

The Magnificent AK47 owe an oblique, but not inconsiderable, debt to a certain magazine called fROOTS.  Back in the mists of time, or maybe it was even further back in the myths of time, an advert was noticed by a certain someone for an event known as the Sidmouth Folk Festival and ultimately led to a visit to the south coast of merrie England for said festival.  

As part of this line up that year there was a 13 piece Antipodean male voice singing group advertised for the Friday night.  The photo of this lot did not look very enticing but somehow this did not deter our valiant festival goers who ventured along to the warm up session featuring the "best of the Festival" to see what the main acts were coming up and there they witnessed an almost subliminal moment when the men in black (mostly) from Down Under performed.  Low, harmonious and hilarious, we were smitten and duly sought them out after the performance to sign a rapidly purchased CD.  In amongst these giants we got talking to one of them who sounded decidedly Non-Australian who turned out to be our very own ChoirMeister, Mr Chris Samuel, and one thing led to another, but that is a story for another time. . . 

So, how can we repay this enormous debt?  Simple, subscribe to get your own copy now and help ensure the continuing existence of this venerable publication as it seeks to ride the waves of fashion and continue to sail the seas of magical, musical discovery.  Go on, you owe it to yourself and the rest of us!  Do it now! Click here.

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