Wednesday, 9 January 2013

More and less dates for your Calendar

It is already looking like a busy year on the Singing Blokes front, with a couple of gigs already announced, numerous workshops, our first "Wold Tour", BlokeFest and a mooted proper recording session. 

In order to help you keep on top off all these goings on we have painstakingly created our very own Google Calendar, which one is led to believe is the very height of modernity and new-fangledness in this techno-age of the Interweb, or so we are told . . . 

Anyway there are some links to this below and if you are clever enough to know what all this means then apparently you will be clever enough to attach it to your iPodular or CleverPhone, so don't ask us how, and good luck!  

In passing, we need to point out that contrary a very good rumour we heard at Yuletide drinkies, the 4 dates for Workshops in April have now been commuted to just 2, on 14th and 28th April, scotching the insinuation that we would be running off with the BlokeFolk round these parts for the entire month - perish the very thought!

But don't trust to luck, email us at to order your very own  copy of our 2013 Magnificent Calendar so you can write it all down on trusty paper - you know it makes sense.

Go on, give it a try, click on some links!

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