Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Press ganging new recruits

Unlock your Inner Minstrel
We are having possibly the last call (for a while) for gentlemen to come forward and become a new recruit for our merry singing troupe.

We can help you carry out those New Year’s Resolutions to change your ways for the better!  We are here to help you fill those pledges to yourself and your better halves to: 

1. Get out more and do interesting things (whilst hardly spending any money)
2. Meet new people and make new friends (you will certainly do this with us)
3. Exercise more and keep the brain active (singing is GREAT for this)
4. Lose weight (we can’t guarantee this but you’ll enjoy yourself all the same)

If you are a Bloke who might like to join in the mixture of heartfelt lyrics, (intentionally) “tricky” harmonies, occasional beer and magnificent silliness, tremendous bonhomie, then we have THE opportunity for you.

In the first half of 2013 we plan to consolidate and hone rather than extend our repertoire so anyone considering joining, this would be the ideal time to join in as we will be practically re-learning the songs anew.

We ask but 3 things of our troupe

1. the member can hold a tune to a level appropriate for the rest of the group (eg not a “growler” or  not so good they get frustrated with our eccentricities!)

2. is a decent bloke and fits in with the rest of the Group and does not do anything untoward (like not buying his round!)

3. pays any subscriptions as may be required, all subscriptions being payable on demand and within a reasonable time frame (even allowing for poor memories and general financial incompetence).  

Consider joining us for singing and performing as well as many other experiences including a “Wold Tour” in May and recording in a proper studio, most likely in June, as well as BlokeFest and much more.  The first tasters session is free then Workshops are pro rata per term, first half of the year term fee is £50, second half after the summer recess is £40, which works out at about a maximum cost of £1.75 per hour of fun* according to our tame statistician*!  What a bargain!

* based on some statistically dubious algorithm that prove being in The Magnificent AK47 is more cost effective fun than having Sky TV or other brain numbing activities.

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