Friday, 6 December 2013

One more sleep till Wadworths!

We are are off on our Grand Day Out to return to Wadworth's Brewery as part of their Mini Winter Beer Festival in just a few hours, and judging by various emails floating around over the last few days, with much Magnificent excitement!

Only time will tell, but it is building up to be yet another very special event in our growing list of "odd moments", in amongst singing on Wiltshire White Horses, Tugs o' War, Tunneling and many others.

Occasionally the team behind the well oiled administrative mechanism that makes  The Magnificent AK47 such a well drilled multi-hatted Singing Machine likes to prove that they can still organize a P' up in a Brewery, but the blokes being such disciplined singers (ahem!) will of course resist any such temptation until all their songs have been dispatched with aplomb - won't you lads??

Here below are the details of the itinerary, for anyone who hasn't fully read their emails or been paying attention.  There are still a few places spare on the bus coach.

Of course, we would welcome any last minute additions to our coach party, £5 per seat

Off we go then!  Match report and pictures to follow soon(ish).

Timetable of events for Wadworth's Gig
When  What  Where
10:15 Start congregating AK AK Ellisons on the High Road
10:30 Depart AK
10:45 Cricklade pickup Cricklade Town Hall Car Park
11:15 Swindon pickup Swindon Train Station
12:00 Arrive Devizes Devizes
12:15 Nip into The Vaults?
12:45 Arrive at Wadworths
13:00 Pies & Pint = Lunch
13:30 Sing #1
14:00 Break
14:30 Sing #2
15:00 Finish singing
15:15 Tour / Beer Education
16:00 Tour  / Beer Education finish
16:15 Back on Coach to depart Devizes
17:00 Swindon Drop off Swindon Train Station
17:30 Cricklade Drop off Cricklade Town Hall Car Park
17:45 Back in AK AK Ellisons on the High Road

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