Sunday, 22 December 2013

Where were you when? Final Sing of the year at The Prince Albert Carol Concert

Fabulous singing by all at the world famous Prince Albert Carol Concert in Rodborough near the P.R. of Stroud with many familiar faces.

And in action were a handful of Magnificents, snapped here with ring leaders Bill H 2nd left, Mike P, 4th left and John W 6th left (nearly on the right!).

Beer in hand is Neil B, then finger pointing Ade + lapsed bloke now Man Choir member, Nigel H and Mark T & the seemingly enormously tall Alan H.  Great to see the old folks out and enjoying themselves in the harmless pursuit of singing - Roll on 2014 and many more adventures.

Anyway, the scores are in

1. The Location - 3.5 (Some may claim that the general decor, the chandeliers allegedly taken from a house of ill repute somewhere on the continent and one or two other tell tale signs make it obvious where this is, but no visible signage once again...).

2. The Pose - 4.0 (It is not reported what the finger pointing is about, but we can only conjecture that is indicating who is due to get the next round, but arguably not a lot of pointless grandeur involved).

3. The X-Factor -  4.0 (A lovely group photo to commemorate a wonderful few weeks of hearty community singing in a great atmosphere so an extra 0.5 points for Yuletide cheer).

Making that a total of 11.5 - The highest score yet from a bunch of blokes who just happened to be in the same pub, with the same T-Shirt at the same time - what an odd co-incidence.

More please, and hopefully a few more to come before the end of the year.

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