Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Where were you when? Sunny Iceland

It's not every day you achieve the landmark of being liaised with one particular lady for 20+ years and to celebrate the fact, a certain Neil B was whisked away by the good lady in question for a very surprise trip to somewhere he had apparently never considered venturing, namely Iceland.

Much to their amazement they had a really nice time together and the weather was actually more than half decent - maybe a metaphor for their long and fruitful union?!  

Anyway, not being one to miss an opportunity, Neil managed to stow away his TMAK47 T-Shirt and was able to whip it out at an appropriate moment.

So, to the scores.

1. The Location - 5.0 (What a pro!  How much visible signage can you squeeze into a photo?  A sign AND a map!  We are compelled to award top marks).

2. The Pose - 3.5 (Quite a lot of pointing, but maybe not as much pointless grandeur overall, more "informative tour guide").

3. The X-Factor -  3.5 (Not bad, but slightly minimized by the building site peeping through in the background).

Making that a total of 12.0 - The highest score yet on the visible signage front, usually the undoing of so many entrants, but perhaps not as much pointless grandeur as that flying start should have merited - still, good effort.

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