Friday, 27 December 2013

The Vly

This time of year many of us rely on winter root vegetables to bulk out meals and yet the humble turnip seems to be somewhat overlooked as a nutritional additions to hearty eating.

Here, pictured left is a fine example of turnip but it being closely guarded by our very own "stage" Vly as fashioned by those fine yeomen of Stroud who grace our number.

Ever since the "Turnip Hoer Song" crept into our set amongst much excitement of discovering a real Wiltshire song, this pesky fella has been popping up on stages to terrify astounded ChoirMeisters and audiences alike.

Very much an integral part of the set now, we have wandered around with this remarkably life-like replica dangling from various pieces of wire, mainly via fishing rods, as it makes an appearance during the chorus of the piece.

Let's not give too much info away about this and other stage trickery of ours but suffice to say, it is part of a growing armory of items that help make one of our shows so "very unique".
You never know what is going to appear as part of the props for one of our pieces, which is part of the excitement of the shows, for us as much as the amazed audiences.  Here's to more in 2014!

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