Monday, 30 December 2013

Where were you when? Gringo goes West

Taken on West Coast, Vancouver Island in the dim and distant past (August 2013), prior to our Gringo stepping off the path of civilisation and onto the West Coast Trail. Reputed as one of the world's top ten hikes, the WCT is a wilderness hike through temperate rainforest that takes about a week to complete. It begins (or ends) on the tiny parcel of land deemed a First Nation Reserve. 

Our intrepid Gringo, no less than Big Chief DR Sweeney made Magnificent strides around the trail and has many tales to tell that only bear the telling with a trusty pint in hand and plenty of time.

And here we go, the scores are in

1. The Location - 4.5 (Not only can we view the iconic Pacheedaht artwork but we can also see that smoke signals are 'old-hat' ... excellent visible signage).

2. The Pose - 4.0 (As much pointless grandeur as a European can muster while stood on one of the few pieces of  land his forefathers didn't acquire during the settlement of this continent, so another good score).

3. The X-Factor -  4.0 (That is one heck of a sign combined with quality pointless grandeur and another fine pair of knees - another good score).

Making that a total of 12.5 - The highest score yet from a bloke on the wildest of trials whilst exposing his lower legs to the mozzies.

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