Wednesday, 15 April 2015

2 more sleeps to go - the "Gnome Guard" is unleashed

Meet Cyril (left) and Percy (right).  They are guardians of our "Magnificent Standard" (Mini-Tour banner), or at least one of them is at a time...  

Cyril and Percy are due to play an important part during our Mini-Tour to Cornwall as they will each be the mascot of one of the Mini-vans and one person in that gang travelling in said Mini-van will be nominated the "Gnome Guard".   (Somewhat bizarrely foreseen in a recent comment on our facebook page). 

The "Gnome Guard" will be tasked with the safe keeping of either Cyril or Percy until someone else in their gang makes some daft comment, forgets their own name/words/to get their round in or otherwise deemed worthy by their fellow Mini-van gang members of the honour of being the "Gnome Guard" .  

Whilst in this role they will be expected to get the best photos of Cyril or Percy doing "interesting" things.  At the end of the weekend, the Mini-van gang adjudged by an objective, impartial and in no way partisan or otherwise vested interest team of random members of the Inner Circle and the Cornwall C.A.M.E.L. will decide which is the best photo.  Their Mini-van gang will be awarded the title of "Mini-tour Titans" and will be rewarded still further by the other Mini-van gang buying a counter part a final parting pint, and possibly a packet of crisps.

Other "Tour Rules" will be made up on the spot announced in private to the blokes once they have taken the "Magnificent Mini-Tour Pledge of Allegiance" and it is too late for them to turn back.  

They have now be duly warned what may lie ahead...

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