Friday, 10 April 2015

9 more sleeps till we're off to St Columb Major

Well, if you thought we were just going to do a straightforward Thunderbirds style "10, 9, 8" countdown, you obviously don't know the beast that is The Magnificent AK47.  As mentioned in a previous post, we don't do things by halves, we do them by pints, and we don't do things in straight lines, we do them in slightly wiggly routes, one step forward, one step back, one step to the side, one step forward... Or is that how you dance the Salsa??

Anyway, we are due to be performing in St Columb Major (seen here) which is a fine old building.  And indeed the Church are participating in helping organize our planned gig.

St Columb Major Church Tickets from 
Edyvean Printers, 24 Fore St, St Columb 01637 880347 &
Canon Edward Pruen, The Rectory 01637 880252

Twice a year the town plays host to "hurling", a medieval game once common throughout Cornwall but now only played in St Columb and St Ives. It is played on Shrove Tuesday and then again on the Saturday eleven days later. The game involves two teams of several hundred people (the 'townsmen' and the 'countrymen') who endeavour to carry a silver ball made of apple wood to goals set two miles (3 km) apart, making the parish, around 25 square miles in area, the de facto largest sports ground in the world

The town crest consists of a hand holding a silver hurling ball with the motto "Town and Country do your best". The design originally appeared on medals awarded to winners of the hurling game and were first awarded in the 1930s. Later the design was adopted by the town council as a symbol of civic pride. The emblem appears on the mayoral chains and it is used on the uniform of St Columb School. Roadsigns at each end of the town also bear the design.

(Thanks Wikipedia again).

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