Monday, 20 April 2015

Safely Gnome

Positively the last (for now) Gnome-sized pun after a weekend full of them and much, much more including:

Fabulous food
Great gigs
Beautiful ("free") beer
Tremendous company
Stupendous walks
Awesome clifftop views
Unbelievable weather
Incredible snoring
Hilarious judging
Immense bonhomie
Singing with Fishermen's Friends
Drinking a pub dry in 30 minutes
Fantastic last night pub session
Lovely Ladies
Top notch accommodation
National (Cornwall) Radio slot
Lorraine Chase loves us!
Adoration from the audiences

and much, much more.

Now back to reality, and our otherwise humdrum existences (filled with trips to Stonehenge, the Roundhouse and BlokeFest and much, much more).

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