Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Magnificent Re-vamped website hits the browsers of the Interweb

For quite some time a crack team of websters have been beavering away in the background preparing some changes to our humble little corner of the Interweb.

Our talented ArtMeister Bill H & dedicated Webmeister Neil B have been labouring long into the afternoon and night respectively to get things created, set up and shuffled around (to use their techspeak!) and have done a great job.  The blokes have been ably assisted by one John W and cajoled and nagged by Big Chief Darren & nudged by Mr Chris Samuel, plus one or two others offering encouragement but not really knowing what all the techspeak meant.

You will now find the majority of informational materials relating to The Magnificent AK47 over on the revamped site at but, for now at least, we are keeping the ancient and much admired Blog going on this site you are currently viewing.  Here we will continue to mutter about our adventures and still have our rehearsal dates.

So, if you want more Magnificent stuff then swing by our revamped website at for more pictures, photos and other goodies.

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