Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Officially 10 sleeps till Cornwall

Yes, it is officially only 10 sleeps till we are off on our Magnificent Cornwall 2015 Mini-Tour although it is highly likely that it will only be 9 "proper" sleeps as everyone will be far too excited to sleep on the Thursday night before we depart!

Being the The Magnificent AK47, we have never done anything by "halves" and we have always tended to "do things by the pint" (or possibly two if we can get away with it) and so it is with our tour.  We are planning squeeze into four days what many might take a week to do with approaching 20 stops along way for a bit of sing in some very unusual places - more over the next coming days as we countdown to Cornwall.

If you are down that way join us wherever you can and come and say hello, despite the fierce faces on the poster we are really everyso friendly.

Full listing on our re-vamped website at and more tomorrow.

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