Tuesday, 14 April 2015

3 more sleeps to go - Packing our Pirate Pants...

Yes, quite literally some of us are "packing our pants" about running away to join the Circus that is The Magnificent AK47 as we go on our Mini-Tour to Cornwall.

Imagine the excitement when one of our members found a pair of pants in the very reasonably priced collection he was looking to buy whilst in a gentlemen's outfitters had a Pirate pattern on them!  
Holding to the mantra of "a fresh pair, a fresh pair every day" is essential Mini-tour protocol, and by increasing the stock of pants available to them in readiness for the long weekend, this might now make it possible over the 4 days for many of the blokes....

Other Mini-tour essentials include a set of ear plugs (mid left) for dealing with "sonorial sonambulists" although we have attempted to isolate most of the known worst snorers in a separate building.  Having said that, are they the "worst snorers" or actually the "best snorers" because they are very good at it???  

Fine and reasoned philosophical debate on this and a range of other topics will no doubt be part of breakfasts polemic that we can look forward to over the weekend.

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