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A Magnificent 2013

The Magnificent Review of 2013
So here it is, a one page review of 2013.


always seems a funny time of year, possibly because it is Panto season but a poster was noted and duly "digitally enhanced" to be a little more 

saw us performing earlier than ever before at the very wonderful "A Very Ashton Keynes" Evening with the other village supergroup, Siren Sisters.

In the resulting chaos of packing up after the gig in the rush to get to the pub for some "afters" there was the most shameful example of poor hoe management as several trusty props were shamelessly abandoned, leading to this ID parade (see right) to rehome the forlorn tools forsaken by their owners.

February was also very sad for all of us as we said farewell to Ken Brookes who was taken from us in a very untimely.  He is much missed for his craggy bass and fabulous chuckle.

saw us return to a very special gig for us as it was the scene of the very first performance of The Magnificent AK47 at Marlborough's "Singing for Laughs" fundraiser.

Another wonderful evening's entertainment of singing, laughing and cake.  Well done to the very lovely Vanessa L and her possee.   

saw us lying a little low on the Magnificent front but saw the 2nd BlokeFest crank into action with snazzy new website and much improved general admin and much excitement for the impending gathering of the clan.

was indeed a very merry month of many things,

  • Chippenham Folk Festival - not once, but twice!
  • Making connections with Alfred Williams - Local Hero 
  • Hope CiderFest singing in a fabulous accoustic
  • World premier of new song at Stroud Brewery
  • The Magnificent Wold Tour
  • Magnificent Tug 0' War 
Some great memories, especially of the Wold Tour, learning so much about our county, Wadworth's Brewery, historical landmarks and much more.

was another very busy month with some great moments, in particular
  • Our really good Tobacco Factory gig
  • BlokeFest 2013!
  • Being featured in the Guardian
  • Going on our Roundhouse adventure
  • Our 1st proper Recording session
  • Our 1st semi proper CD
  • The Spooky Summer of Love 

July and August 
by contrast were very quiet months (oh, apart from supporting The Spooky Men's Chorale on their tour!!).

This gave everyone a chance to relax and catch up with family and friends as we began again in earnest in September with our Pow Wow and getting back into full rehearsal for some big gigs.

We also had the very surreal experience of being sought out by a Belgian based French journalist who wanted to interview "The Magnificent Men" of Ashton Keynes and was most disappointed that he did not find us loitering around the pub for the 2 days prior to the "interview" but was suitably impressed when he did finally get to meet us.  To read the full piece with a very dodgy translation you can click here.  

September and October
saw us holding our annual Pow Wow and communal meal before rehearsing in earnest for our autumn gigs.

The first was our 2nd local big headliner in the Sundial Theatre Turnip Soup with the vocally extraordinary The Croutons.

Next up was a return to St George's as part of the Festival of Song and another thoroughly enjoyable performance at that great event.

saw us gathering to rehearse in the highly salubrious surroundings of Cove House Ball Room (!) instead of our usual space in the Back Room of The White Hart, preparing for a couple more performances.

We rampage through a couple of half sets as part of the Wadworth's Mini Winter Beer Festival before reprising some of the pieces at the new traditional "Beer & Carols" in The White Hart, before some of us squeeze in some Yuletide warblings down at the Prince Albert in Stroud(ish).  

We cap the year off with a few more T-Shirt competition entries to round of A Very Magnificent 2013 - let's hope 2014 can match it, with gigs already in January and February and much serious silliness already being planned, we suspect it might.

A truly MAGNIFICENT YEAR and thanks to all who have supported us, in and out of the group, throughout the year and wishing you all, a Magnificent 2014.

Stop Press!
More photos from the year can be found at 

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