Wednesday, 8 January 2014

3 more sleeps till we gig again at BoARootsFest

We are bound for B-o-A!  We are very excited (we are so easily pleased) to be heading to Southerner Wiltshire for a great annual institution to kick off the festival season as early as possible, at Bradford Roots Festival 2014 - A celebration of musical talent in Bradford on Avon.

Ok, so you might be asking yourself 

a) how come The Magnificent AK47 qualify to be from Bradford-on-Avon, and

b) how we slip into a category of "musical talent" worth celebrating?

and if you know anything about us, you'd have every right!  However, we can lay a claim to a BoA connection via our belov├ęd Choirmeister and also we do have musical talent of a very "special kind".  

Anyway, enough about us, get yourself along on Saturday to see us about 19:15 and a host of other talent, that is perhaps a good deal more 'local' and, er, talented. . . 

A full listing can be found here from their website.  We hope to see you there as we premier another new piece in a proper concert, and something that might surprise you!

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  1. Well... It's in the "Wiltshire Music Centre" - ... and it is well known that "From Wiltshire I (we) did come".