Friday, 24 January 2014

Bizarre gig request 2014 #1

One of the great things about THE Magnificent AK47 is that from time to time we get asked to do some very bizarre things, and usually we are more than up for it.

Unfortunately, we can't always take up these offers, such as this recent invite from someone organising an event on Friday 7th March at Foyles bookshop in central Bristol where they are hosting Meg Clothier, an author who has written an historical novel about Queen Tamar of Georgia. The enquirer wondered if Magnificent AK47 fancied coming to the event (7pm to 9pm approx.) and singing some Georgian songs?  Of course would love to, but this time we can't.  

But that doesn't stop YOU popping along . . .  Have a look at the Foyles Bristol website or check out the book in question.

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