Sunday, 19 January 2014

Friday Night WAS Music Night #1

So, after much much muttering and "pubtalk" (and no action) Friday Night is Music Night has actually happened!

In the Back Room of The White Hart a small but spirited group gathered for Darren S, Alan H and Neil B to explain the ideas behind the invocation and to get started on a warm up.

New pieces were introduced to the group including "10,000 Miles" (a.k.a. Fare thee well) and an interesting take on a well know classic modified to be more suited to us blokes from North, North Wiltshire which was warmly received by all in the room.  More later. . . 

Group learning of songs can be very rewarding and this proved to be the case with the material being expertly taught and very quickly picked up by everyone, so much so that it only required a couple of run throughs to have the songs sounding more than presentable.

All in all it was a great start and everyone who took part proclaimed they would be back for more the next time.

Looking at the picture you may spot that it is not all blokes involved, and we are indebted to Mrs Darren and a few other Ladies of Blokes who ventured along and had a lovely time joining in with the deeper tones of the menfolk.

Of note was the fact that despite initial reservations the group gelled really well and started sparking off each other with many ideas for further pieces.

Next time there are plans to re-cap the first couple of songs and then rapidly expand the repertoire with new pieces.  If you want to bring any pieces along that you would like to share with the crowd, email to cross-check with the gang just in case they are already planning to cover it. 

Get yourself down there for the next event that is destined to become a firm favorite with all and sundry.  Next Friday Night is Music Night is scheduled for Friday 21st February so make a note in your diary.

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